Effective Types of Marketing Videos

Reaching out to an audience and captivating their interest has become more difficult with the lowering attention spans of the average internet user. In our current media-consuming society, it’s important to know what type of training videos will be useful to your brand.

Exploring With Humor
Good acting, comedic timing, and out-of-the-box thinking can help to create an engaging experience without sacrificing teaching for pure entertainment. The balance of humor and storytelling combined with your success will have viewers who are compelled to watch every second.

The goal of this type of marketing video is to educate your audience without them even realizing it. While not every viewer likes to learn, it’s easy for a potential customer to get distracted.

Pulling on Emotional Heartstrings
Another successful method of an engaging marketing video is to try and strike a chord within the heartstrings of your potential customers. Triggering the right emotions from a viewer such as empathy, excitement, or wonder can create a call to action for what your brand is marketing.

The goal of an emotional pull in a training video is motivation. Captivating your audience will cause viewers to want to get involved with your content by either being able to do what you do or being inspired by it. Music styles and high-impact titles create this style of video.

Showcasing Simplicity
One of the most significant marketing pulls is showing how easy your skill is to complete. This can be done through personification techniques. By using clever, low-tech examples for a problem that’s much more complicated, it’s easier for the targeted audience to understand.

This is another case where good acting and planning out your scenes are vital to getting the message across. Viewers are engaged with concepts that they can quickly grasp.

Creating a Personal Connection
While this point ties into pulling on heartstrings, telling a relatable story can set a premise where the viewer can see themselves in a reflection of the situation. A personal connection grabs onto the audience from the very beginning of the video by allowing them to see themselves in a similar light.

The key to developing a personal connection in your video is to be genuine with your audience about the struggles and difficulties that come alongside your success. It’s hard to show vulnerability, but it’s a concept that is incredibly relatable. It helps to fuel a desire within the viewer of knowing what happens next in your journey.