How to Engage with Your Audience

The ability to create online training offers an incredible amount of success to both the trainer and learner. This new flexible style of learning allows for students and teacher to complete what’s needed on their own time. The trick of this market is figuring out the best way to get customers engaged with your brand.

Creating a Connection with Your Audience
When exploring the market for training videos, the best way to make a good impression is by building up a reputation with your targeted demographic.This is done by providing your credibility and worth of the content that you have to offer.

Many instructors take to creating youtube channels or live streaming video of a smaller session of general information that help hook viewers onto your brand. When your audience sees you delivering the content personally, it’s easier for them to connect with the instructor.

Be cautious of the wording you use to your learners and be aware of whom your target audience is. Twenty-year-olds will respond differently than someone who is an older learner. There is a gap of technology use between generations.

Appearance is also significant when live-streaming your material. Present yourself in well thought out clothing choices and film in an area that is suitable for your content. A suit in tie may not be acceptable for your targeted demographic, but neither is ripped jeans and a stained t-shirt.

Preparing Your Whole Experience
The preparation stage doesn’t stop at the live lecture. Other main components go into the process, such as: reading from a script, paying attention to the delivery of your words, watching your tone, and providing supplemental material.

Before you film or stream a video take the time to check that everything is setup correctly. Mic feedback and the sound of your voice is vital to the experience. If the learner cannot hear you, or the mic isn’t capturing audio correct, the training video is a waste of time to the consumer.

Creating Less is Sometimes More
In our current era of internet, we deal with viewers that have a relatively short attention span. To keep your audience captivated by your content, create videos that are relatively short. The goal time is between 3-10 minutes, and never more than 20.

Carefully plan your words, slow down if you need to, and enunciate your statements, so you are easier to understand. Your delivery of the content that you produce to the targeted demographic is vital to the success of your training video.